Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) + Swann Security Camera

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    So I just got a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) and I am trying to make it speak to Isadora. Isadora sees it, but I can't get a camera feed from it.

    I have installed the latest Blackmagic driver, I am running Isadora 2.0.5 (USB), and I am using a Mac Pro, (specs in my signature). 
    The camera I am using is a Swann ADW-200 security camera.
    I'm not really well-versed in the use of Blackmagic devices, so I'm betting that I'm just making a silly mistake. 
    I've been looking at the forum, the manual for the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle, and at the manual for the Swann security camera, but so far I've failed to get anything. 
    There is a way to connect the hub for the Swann camera directly up to the computer via USB, but I've been told by friend that it doesn't work well on Macs in that capacity, which would seem to be true. When the Swann camera is hooked up via USB, the latency is horrendous.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) [Tech Specs](
    Swann ADW-200 [Tech Specs](
    Attached is a screenshot of (I believe) the relevant Blackmagic and Isadora preferences.
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  • Izzy Guru

    Try opening the media express software and changing the settings in there too. Once you get a live feed in that software it should appear in Isadora too.

  • I use swan cams and intensity pro.

    Different model cams to you but this worked for me:
    make sure you set everything to PAL (not resolution but general settings)
    In other words the camera wants to talk like that so set the inputs to receive it.
    Make sense?

  • also how are you getting into the BM box?

    aren't those cams analog? which is why you get massive latency when connecting over usb since its having to do the >digital conversion.
    When using a similar setup I go (cam>BM Analog to SDI) then (BM SDI>HDMI) then into the (BM IP) then (thunderbolt to MBP).
    Lost of boxes but only 4 frames of delay (1080i or 720p)
    But I use IP not shuttle so maybe different
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    I ended up sending a  feed from an HD Digital Video Recorder into a Canopus ADVC 110 instead of using the Blackmagic. Works like a charm.