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  • Hi, I'm currently using a "Black Magic Intensity Extreme" with thunderbolt as an external video output. It works well by the way. I'm thinking of trying the USB 3.0 version "UltraStudio SDI". My thought is to try and get around 3-4 SD-SDI outputs from Izzy to these devices.

    Also, I know this is a future request but, In the preferences menu when assigning the stages 1-6, is it possible to add to the drop down these types of external devises as an output not a desktop? The mouse gets lost behind the full scene video and operators think Izzy is frozen when it's simply a mouse being lost thing. 
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    Hello. It looks impossible in my experience to use more than 2 intensity as outputs. I tried 3 (one thunderbolt and 2 USB. only 2 where recognized the thunderbolt and the usb. the second USB was not recognized like if there was a id problem of 2 identical interfaces both usb. But it was before mark hardcoded thunderbolt interfaces in Isadora. I'd be surprised if this would change. Because it looked linked to mac more than to thunderbolt.

  • I think that there may be a way, but not in the current version of Isadora. Blackmagic has some tools in their SDK that should allow this, but it's going to require quite a bit of work to add this. Nevertheless, I can certainly see this as a powerful addition. Please submit it as a feature request via the form at
    and we will log it so that it gets looked at when the time comes to start adding features.
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  • Ok, Thanks