Displayport to two hdmi outputs adapter going cheap

  • Saw this yesterday on special offer £11.94 until they have sold them all
    Connect a Mini DisplayPort source (such as a MacBook) to external high definition displays
    Ideal for digital entertainment and HDTV retail
    Supports 2x HDMI outputs simultaneously
    1080p Full-HD video output supported
    2.25Gbps/225MHz Video amplifier bandwidth
    Supports LPCM uncompressed audio
    Compliant with Mini DisplayPort 1.1a input
    Contents- Adaptor, ac adaptor, Mini DisplayPort cable and user guide


    Have ordered some, will report back on how well they work once I get them.

  • Hey Nick,

    I wonder, did you have any success with this gear?


  • They work, but they are splitter, not like a dual head, same image on each output, and no way to change that.

  • If it's the same image, it's a distributor, a splitter spit the image in two, like the matrox…

  • Tech Staff

    I have tried these and they work like a dualhead2go with 2x full hd resolution, someone else mentioned them already somewhere in the forum:


  • Tech Staff

    I've heard good reports about those ZOTAC's. Seen a lot of people using them with Resolume, VDMX, etc.

  • @jhoepffner I get your distinction and it makes sense, but I don't see it being used in product descriptions around the web unfortunately - including companies that do use distributor describing their product as "hdmi distributor(splitter)", and when splitter is used to describe something in my experience they are usual selling something that duplicates the same image on both outputs.

    As always, buyer beware - just because they use the word, they may not mean what you think they do. I had seen the zotacs too, and thought these were similar to those.

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