• Hello everyone.

    So the active RFID's project was diminished to color object detection.
    I have done those in the past and once ready will share my patch here but there is an added element that I want to try.
    I want to have 2 live feeds going at the same time. This is a time sensitive project so I wanted to see if you guys can review and tell me where I might be wrong or if there is a better way.
    2 camera feed:
    1\. Standard consumer DV cam (for example, Panasonic [16GB HDC-TM40 HD Camcorder](http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/800886260-USE/Panasonic_16GB_HDC_TM40_HD_Camcorder.html)) going out of AV1 via Fire wire directly to the computer.
    Question. This camera also has a USB 2 output but I assume it will not read in Izzy as it is probably used to download recorded media and not to stream. Any comments?
    2\. Standard consumer DV cam (Canon fs400 flash memory cam) going out of composite to a 50FT extension cord to a Proview XLR8 (I assume software not required/ plug and play) via the USB input. 
    This, will be connected to a Mac mini.
    In addition. I will want to output audio using a Motu so I will have to split my single Firewire port using a hub. 1 In for the Cam and 1 out to the Motu.
    Any comments on that? Any problem just using a simple Firewire hub?
    For example Belkin [6-Port FireWire-400 Hub](http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/361303-REG/Belkin_F5U526_APL_6_Port_FireWire_400_Hub.html)
    Many thanks to all of you.
    As for the active Rfid position tracking. I am looking for some funding and hopefully will get someone interested.

  • All the options you describe are far from ideal.

    First I have not seen DV cam that can put out live feed via USB. But maybe I have not seen enough.
    Capturing via firewire on mac is the worst solution to have. Quality is low and CPU use is very high. And most often you can get just ONE feed on entire firewire bus. Your mini does not have more than one bus and it may be shared with something else too. So Hub makes no difference - just one DV in is allowed regardless.
    And you want to use Motu on top of it - forget firewire.
    Probably the second option will be OK, but you may not get two feeds recognized(I am quit sure you do not).
    Do you need quality video or you use cameras for tracking only?

  • I need to use the camera to detect color.

    The quality of the image does not matter as long as I can detect 6 different colors.
    Any suggestion for a better setup would be grate.
    I can also get 2 mac book pros if this helps to solve this issue.

  • I like to use old iSight cameras taken out from old iMac (2006? part 820-1836-A) and sold on eBay under 10USD. It is very easy to fit these with regular USB cable (these are USB cameras). Mac would recognize them as iSight; iSight1; iSight2. They are mac native cameras with drivers built into the system so they work 100%. For gallery installations these have been just great.

    You can run USB cable 5m(15ft) easy or use active USB extenders up to 25m(75ft). I have run 20m without a problem.
    The other option I have had good results is USB capture dongles as XLR8 you mention. For multiple cameras you need (probably) different make dongles. Then you need security cameras or any cam that has analog video out.
  • Beta Tester

    Im pretty sure that with the proper drivers, one can use multiple PS3 Eye Toys with Isadora. That would work pretty well and you can get fairly cheap extenders from Monoprice up to 75' and much more expensive ones up to 300'.

  • Ahh! This one.

    Now I remember why I have two of these.

  • My Motu model runs on USB or Firewire if you want to free up firewire for video.

  • It seems like there is a thunderbolt to firewire converter.

    I assume that this will solve the bus issue. Any idea? I am curious if it will let me detect 2 different cams in Izzy.
    Also is there any recommendation regarding a usb cam that would give me a good color detection?
    Regarding the XLR8, what kind of cam would be connected to it? 

  • OK. First you guys all are an amazing group and the knowledge shared is priceless.

    My problems are all solved. Here is my setup.
    I am using a Macbook pro 
    15-inch, Early 2011

    Processor  2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

    Running Lion.

    The final setup will be the newest 13" macbook pros. Hope it would not be an issue.

    So first I downloaded the driver from http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net as recommended for the PS3 eye and installed as instructed.

    Then I got the following.

    1. One Live feed is MIni Dv cam into a firewire to thunderbolt. Any Mini DV would work, mine is an old Sony DCR-HC62 (640/480)

    2. One Live feed is Logitech C615 Webcam USB. In full res I am getting 1600/1200

    3. One Live feed is Creative chat HD VF0700 Webcam USB. In full res I am getting 1600/1200

    4. One Motu going out of the Firewire port (did not test yet).

    I had to switch the USB connection once or twice but I got it to work in Izzy in 2 seconds. The setting option inside Izzy gave me all the adjustments I needed (Contracts brightness etc...).

    When running all 3 I am getting a pretty choppy movement (when objects move fast in the frame) from the USB cams.

    My frame rates running all 3 feeds fluctuate between 22-25 FPS.

    When I take the Resolution of the web cams to Half (800X600) the movement is much smoother and the frame rates are around 29-30 FPS.

    The delay is of a few frames (not sure how the measure exactly) and is consistent between all feeds.

    The image quality of the Logitech C615 is much better than the live cam but they are both acceptable for my needs.

    Further testing will include:

    1. A good active USB extender.

    2. Connecting 2 Firewire live feeds. (One, using the Thunderbolt to Firewire and one via the ADVC100.

    Hope this helps someone.

    By the way, Just out of curiosity I wanted to see if the FaceTime cam would give me the 4th feed but it did not want to join. I was able to see the feed in the preview window when I was playing around with the settings but nothing went to the feed.

    I checked the Facetime cam on it own as an individual feed and it worked no problem. Not sure what is the reason.