Weird behavior of projector

  • Hi anybody got a clue what is going on? My output seems distorted, like it is shown in perpective.. It is the same for the classic and new projector and player...

    2f77c7-weird.jpg 91f1f3-partidge.izz

  • Tech Staff


    I don't really understand what you mean, attached a screenshot me using your patch.
    What Isadora version are you using?


  • Tech Staff

    Have you changed anything in the mapper feature? (izzymap)

  • Tech Staff


    you can see if the mapper is active on the icon of the projector actor. And if you don't see the mapper symbol then check you menu "Output-->StageSetup" maybe you have setup something there.

    Best Michel

  • Hi all. it took me a while to react since i was very busy with a new dance production...

    Michel indeed you are turned out that indeed the stage setup had cornerpoint settings that i played with the night before...
    I assumed that when starting a new project all these settings were back to their default settings..
    I guess this is written somewhere in the manual... 
    Thanks for your advise

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