• Dear Community,

    I wanted you to know that I've given Isadora a quick test in the developer preview of Mac OS 10.11 and, in general, it seems to work fine.

    That being said, we will not officially support 10.11 until it is officially released by Apple later this fall. Please stay with Mac OS X 10.10 until we let you know that all is well with Isadora and Mac OS X 10.11.

    I did find one bug with the "Find Files" dialog that is shown if the media files in your patch cannot be shown. The "Skip Media" buttons that should appear in the "Find Media" dialog are not drawn. (They are actually there, but simply not drawn properly.) But the video playback/processing/user interface all seemed to work well.

    We will start working with 10.11 now so that by the fall, everyone will be able to make a smooth transition.

    Best Wishes,