Blackmagic Testing: Seeking Users to Help

  • Hello All,

    We're testing a new build of Isadora, and one of the fixes should solve the problem where certain Blackmagic devices would not capture when using the direct Blackmagic capture option in the Live Capture Settings.
    Basically any device that did not have output capability (e.g.,the Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder) would not work with Isadora because I was depending on some features that were only available if the device could output as well as receive it. So I've re-written the capture code to remove that dependency, and it works fine with my Intensity Extreme. But I'd love to get additional feedback from users who had trouble with this before.
    So, if you encountered this problem, are willing to work with a version that is stable but has not completed the testing cycle, and have time to give us feedback, please send me a private message via the forum. 
    Best Wishes,