• Dear All,

    I have been gradually building up the library of FreeFrame GL plugins that can be used with Isadora. Some are from the FFGL examples, and others I have built myself. Below are the names of the plugins, followed by either the Isadora CPU based equivalent, or a brief description.
    FFGLAddAlphaChannel = Isadora's AddAlphaChannel actor
    FFGLAlphaToRGB = Extracts the alpha channel [A from ARGB] and outputs it as a normal vid-gpu stream
    FFGLBrightness = Allows you to raise/lower the brightness of the video stream
    FFGLChromaKey = Isadora's Chroma Key actor
    FFGLColorizer = Isadora's Colorizer actor
    FFGLCrop = Isadora's Crop actor
    FFGLDesaturate = Isadora's Desaturate actor
    FFGLFlip = Isadora's Flip actor
    FFGLGradient = Create a video stream with a color gradient
    FFGLHeat = Example Video Effect from FFGL SDK
    FFGLInvert = Isadora's Invert actor
    FFGLLumaKey = Isadora's Luminance Key actor
    FFGLMirror = Mirror the image across the middle
    FFGLPanSpinZoom = emulates Pete Warden's PanSpinZoom plugin; replaces Isadora's Pan, Zoomer, and Spinner actors
    FFGLPremultiply = Premultiplies the video stream
    FFGLTile = Isadora's MultiVid
    FFGLUnpremultiply = Unpremultiples the video stream
    FFGLVideoMixer = Video Mixer from the FFGL SDK; the current Isadora actor offers more options
    Both Mac and Windows versions are included in this download
    **To Install On Mac OS:**
    1. In the Finder, choose Go to Folder...
    2. Enter the following text in the dialog -> /Library/Application Support
    3. If you see a folder there called FreeFrame, double click it to open. Otherwise, create a folder called FreeFrame and then double-click it to open it.
    4. Move the plugins in the Mac OS folder and move the plugins into the FreeFrame folder
    **To Install On Windows OS:**
    1. Go To C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
    2. If you see a folder called FreeFrame, go to the next step. Otherwise, create the folder by choosing "New Folder" in the Windows Explorer. Make the name of this folder FreeFrame
    3. Move the plugins in the Mac OS folder and move the plugins into the FreeFrame folder
    P.S. Note to @Primaldivine & @DusX -- the misspelling in the Crop actor is fixed.