• Howdy. Basic but crucial question. How can I add points to the Output slice within IzzyMap?

    I can add points on a Composite shape in the Input, but not the Output.
    Isn't the idea to be able to map the output to a complex shape?

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, composite shapes work a little differently than the others.

    You can do less to the output side of the composite shapes since they are combined.
    It is very powerful once you figure it out.. but it can be a little confusing at first since it is different that the other shapes.

  • Dear @smartalec,

    There's a tutorial that should help you a lot.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @mark,

    So on the final image of that tutorial you are left with an Output Quad Slice.
    What if I wanted to map that to an octagon? Can I add additional outpu points to accomplish that?
    That's what I am getting at. Btw, I don't necessarily need to use composites if I could do this another way.

  • Dear @smartalec,

    No, the output cannot be anything else than a quad.
     I thought about this quite a bit, and I cannot see how this is possible: if you have an arbitrary number of points for the input, and then an arbitrary number of points at the output, how do you define the relationship of input to output? Take a simple example: a triangle on the input and a quad at the output. How do you make a relationship between those two?How can three source points be mapped to four output points?
     I could not come up with an answer. What I did in the end was to allow you to define many points on the input slice – a mask really – and then you can keystone/quad distort it at the output. That seemed to be the only solution that made sense.
    But if I missed something, please explain how you might do it.
    Maybe what you're really hoping for here is the ability to take something in the mapper and to map it again -- i.e., output of mapper goes to another mapper. In that case, we should have some new possibilities by the end of August.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark  thanks for making it clear, 

    btw i was trying to use virtual stage to transform triangle into other forms...
    now I understand the problem better, and maybe izzy map is not the better way to achieve this kind of things https://www.instagram.com/p/B3...
    but though:

    What if the number of output points were named before, 
    and it 'd automatically create the same input point number, identified with letters or colors or...

    Let's imagine my input is a triangle, and I need to stretch/transform it into an 8 point shape octogone with beziers, 
    if my output is set First (maybe activating a "mode" a switch that indicate this particularity to work the other way around), 
    i place the output points and arranges all curves, and as I add points they automatically added to input shape too, 
    Then in the input,  I can place the 8 identified points in a triangle shape aligning some of them, to match my input need

    and create the relationship between I/O points as I want...

    Hope I'm not out of the picture! 
    Best and thanks so much ! 

  • or another way, what if the shape with the most number of points
    sets the number of points of the other one, with identifiers, 
    and we shape the 2nd form (assuming we have too many points but can align some of them), 
    to get our result and transposition?