Brain Wave Hardware with MIDI compatible software

  • I want to share the info about a Brainwave hardware/sofwtare kit that is made by a person I know in the UK.
    Since it is is MIDI compatible, the data can be easily streamed into Isadora.

    If you have any questions, PM me.
    If you decide to buy one, please let Luciana Hiall (the artist behind the project) know that the referral came from me (Jamie Griffiths).

    primaldivine (jamie)

  • Hi Jamie, this sounds really, really interesting. Sadly out of my budget at the moment though. I was trying to find a demo for the software so I could try playing around with my building my own arduino based hardware but I couldn't find a download link on the appropriate page. Do you know if Luciana is still offering a demo of the software, or might be willing to license it without the hardware?

  • Hello :) Well I know they have worked very hard to develop the software and are just a team of two people so I don't think they are providing it free. But if u develop an arduino hardware you can send OSC or MIDI directly to Isadora that way so would not need their software, yes?

  • Ps... It doesn't hurt to ask Luciana is she would sell the software without the hardware at a reduced price but then u are left with the challenge of making your arduino hardware talk to someone else's system... Which I suspect is harder than simply sending the data direct to Isadora. Their BrainMachine is really a great package. I have tried it. It's sophisticated. It's the real thing so is quite fairly priced IMHO. :) Jamie