• Izzy Guru

    Hi All,

    Currently beta testing Ni-Mate V2.0
    Not sure if this is a Ni-mate error, Isadora or just me!
    I am sending MIDI messages from Ni_Mate via triggers. Isadora IS getting the MIDI message in the activity window but nothing when patching; tried every single MIDI watcher but nothing... Messed around with ports, etc.
    I have attached a screenshot - to me the message looks incomplete? I have also attached a screen shot of a "normal" working MIDI message as a comparison. 
    Any ideas? What format is that coming from Ni-Mate and before you ask - I have asked them too. :)

    45219d-midi-from-ni-mate.png a0bc08-midi-that-works.png

  • looks like its sending controller messages not note on/off - try a control watcher

  • triggers in ni mate 2 was a bit messy, I've reported it many time during beta testing time, I do not know if they fixed it in final release. What vesrion are you testing?

  • Dear All,

    The message shown in the Monitor window is absolutely not valid. All MIDI messages must start with a byte that is greater than 0x80 (decimal 128). The first byte shown in the message is 0x40 (decimal 64). I would suggest connecting NI Mate to MIDI Monitor to see if it understands the messages. (WhichI think it won't.) If for some reason it does, let me know.
  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks @Mark already talking to them :)

    Just wanted to check with my Izzy family. #werock 
  • Izzy Guru

    Just been confirmed - it's a bug with Ni-Mate. Just a small teething problem with the new build.