• it's really great to have FFGL plugins in isadora, fantastic !

    too bad there isn't yet a Gaussian Blur module in FFGL nor a Time Blur one

    Isadora's native Blur modules are really too slow, at least in the PC version

    we really would need some accelerated ones to be able to use several modules at once

    in my computer even only one causes problems which wasn't the case in other programs like Vjo

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  • Izzy Guru

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  • thank you

  • Tech Staff

    I used vjo for years..

    It applied a very fast blur, but generally with lower quality settings and at lowered resolution (a nice feature was/is the scaling down of media streams to minimize cpu overhead)
    In anycase, the CPU blur effects in Isadora are quality blurs.. and look nice on still images
    I sometimes take the same approach as within vjo, and by 'mixing'  down a video stream to a fraction of the size, before applying FX.
    Moving forward, you can be sure that blurring, is a priority for upcoming GPU effects.

  • it's true that vjo's blur wasn't very good

    but it was fast and i could use dozens of instances without problem

    gaussian and time blur are two of the nodes i need the most in my compositions, and lots of them.

    i've been hoping for years to see all these hard 2D video processes to be accelerated by GPU, but all is evolving much slowly, we aren't quite there yet

    when CUDA was introduced i tought that would around the corner, but eight years later there isn't yet any magical video DSP super-acceleration for realtime video processing ( afaik...istbc ! )

  • and i'm not sure if that's because it's dificult to achieve or because there is a lack of interest about it...
    i wonder...

  • Tech Staff

    Right now there are some nice FFGL effects for blur offered by Resolume.... they work perfectly with Isadora.

    Soon, native effects will be added :)