Patch keeps developing a problem after a few hours use

  • hi all

    one of the isadora patches in use –for a camera being shown on all 3 stages of a triplehead to go– has been dropping the signal from either stage 1 or stage 2 or stage 3 after a certain number of hours of use, or upon start-up.

    that is to say;
    in the patch all 3 stages show the live camera.
    sometimes –after a few hours or upon startup– one stage is dark and not showing signal.
    the empty stage can be either stage 1 or 2, not usually 3. but one time both stage 2 and 3 were not showing signal.

    so far, duplicating the patch with a different name always solves the issue temporarily.

    the issue reappears after 3 or more hours, or after the next machine startup.

    the usual troubleshooting steps have taken place, and everything works for a while, but eventually the same problem occurs again.

    --has anyone else had this problem?


    2014 MBP, yosemite 10.10.4 , 2.8, 16 gigs Ram, 1T flash hard drive/Isadora 2.0.5

  • Tech Staff

    Please feel free to submit a bug report here:

    and one of use will happily try to solve the issue with you.

  • Dear @mikemixed,

    As @DusX said, please submit a formal bug report. The team will get the information they need to figure out what's happening.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks mark + ryan, bug report sent in