Enttec pro mkII firmware udpate

  • soon I got to go in tourneé with a show were I use Isadora and enttec's card. I noticied in their web site that a new firmware came out 4.10 . At moment i'm still on 4.8 but i'm a bit scared to upgrade, i'm not sure to be able to downgrde (i don't have 4.8 bin and so on)

    Have anyone did it yet? still work with Izzy?
    probably I'm becoming a bit paranoid.... ;-)

  • Thats not paranoia - if your current setup works then just before a show is not the time to try an upgrade on something.

    Even if it works for someone else it may cause issues for you.
    Does the upgrade fix something that is currently causing issues for you (that does not include a general possible speed up in performance) if not then do not upgrade till you are just finished a show with time till the next one.

  • @Maximortal,
    A user recently went into lengthy discussions with Enttec on his setup and was given a firmware fix from them for an issue he was having with the Mk 2 into Isadora. I'll work on putting the lessons learned from that into a readable form and post it here later today...

  • glad to know that i'm not paranod, just zealous!  :-)
    at moment with setup in signature and firmware 4.8 i got no problem. (not at all, for examples if i connect a regular console to dmx in and at the same time i use isadora on dmx 1 out i encounter some glitches, but i have to investigate more about that usig other software like qlc + and so on)

    btw anyone knows why isadora can see just universe one?