• Hi - Can anyone recommend a camera / lens solution for live capturing a 6ft person head to toe as close to the camera as possible with minimum distortion?


  • 2 cameras mounted in portrait and blended together at the waist??

  • A camera with a S35 size sensor with a 16mm lens will do it about 1.5 away from the subject if the camera is in portrait. (I just threw a 16mm lens on my FS7 and pointed it at a door and guesstimated distance of 1.5m.)

    A full frame sensor will get you closer with the camera for the same lens, something like the Sony A7s or Canon 5D would spit out on HDMI.
    You haven't mentioned budget, there's plenty of cameras but if you're looking at low distortion wide angle lenses they're at the expensive end of the market. Colleagues of mine rate the Tokina 11-16mm wide zoom, this is zoom will cover the S35 sensor but does exhibit distortion at widest angles. This lens is not designed for Full Frame cameras but will stop vignetting around 14mm.
    The above page shows the distortion grids for the lens.

  • i use a little snap on lens for my ipod4  which is a sort of "wide angle extension" and then get it via syphon into isadora ( with epocam)