• When loading a newly installed 2.0 version Isadora doesn't start.  If I go into task manager it's there and running, but it doesn't actually startup the interface.  I previously had version 3.1f24 (I believe) and it worked fine.  It's only when I wanted to add a blur effect to a 3D particles actor via 3D Renderer that I sought after a version that would allow me to do that.

    I have installed 2.0 - Didn't work, so I uninstalled and restarted.
    I tried every version available for download (installed, tried, failed, uninstalled, restarted each time).

    I have made no significant changes to my computer recently.

    Running Windows 8.1 (with updates)
    8GB RAM
    plenty of free space on HDD

    I want to see some sort of error log, but when I go into Event Viewer there are no events that coincide with Isadora.  Is there another place to look?  How can I try to troubleshoot this? HELP!  (Have a performance on the 25th of September)

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    Try deleting Izzy preferences and restarting your machine.

  • Tried and restarted.  Same result.

  • Dug up an old copy of 3.1f24 and that works fine.  From 3.xf25 on same result.

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    Hi Callie

    I have picked up your support request in our support system.
    Please respond there.. and I will add your above system specs to the ticket as well.

  • I found that if I run the program once or twice that I sometimes have to go into task manager and force quit the Isadora process.  Then it opens up just fine.