Looking for HDMI low latency camera

  • Hello ,

    I am looking to find a LOW latency HDMI camera ( action cam type ) who support 720P 60fps :
    If somebody have an idea or a suggestion i should be grateful. ( I have test a go pro, it's very bad )
    Thank you very much !
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    HDMI itself isn't the best for digitisation.

    I know this isn't much help asking a question back; but what do you consider as low? 

  • HDMI is perfect for digitisation @ Skulpture what is bad about it??

    The camera, cable driver inside the camera and the capture box will change a lot though, in terms of quality flexibility and latency.
    HDMI is bad for long cables, say longer than 5m, they are expensive not reliable and not repairable. 
    I assume you have a capture box that has HDMI, if it also has SDI then you are lucky, otherwise the cheapest blackmagic SDI capture box is still only around 150 bucks
    Here is an SDI camera from Ebay that will be better than a go pro (even with a new capture box it will be cheaper)
    There are many variations on these cameras so shop around, this is the first random one i saw. They have pretty comprehensive manual settings and they take a c or cs mount lense so you can also get good lenses. Way better than the go pro especially for live.
    I use  modified camera like this for tracking and other work, I can get less than 3 frames latency at my output, big projectors, switchers etc will all add delay after that but 3f is great.
    Here is the pro version of the same thing, 

  • Hello,

    I agree with Fred, the problem is HDMI and on goPro the weak HDMI signal it delivers. I tried a goPro with a HDMI booster (an external alimented HDMI switcher), good HDMI cable (20m with internal amp) on a BlackMagic capture card, it works perfectly. You can find blackMagic HDMI/SDI converter for 195$, if you need bigger length. For me the problem on goPro is the lens…
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    I was going to suggest SDI that's all.

  • Thank you for all your feedback !

    In fact i have choose HDMI because i need a wireless connection between the camera and the blackmagic board.
    For the money i have to realize this video installation i didn't find a video transmitter with sdi connection ( For less than 2000 € ), but i found hdmi one ( i stop on this one : http://www.studiosport.fr/kit-transmission-hd-amimon-connex-p-5168.html ). And i was not really happy to use a hmi/sdi conversion to do not add a new delay in the video chain.
    But I found a new product in Fred's link in bhphotovideo ( i didn't know this web site, and the product is not sold in France) who is in my price : http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1044920-REG/idx_cw_3.html
    So now i will past all the chain in SDI :  Marshall HD-SDI cam / SDI Wireless transmitter / Blackmagic acquisition 
    If you have suggestion it's welcome.
    Thank you very much to all !
    Best,   Victor

  • Hello,

    In my knowing, the only working system inside theater is Teradek, a bit more expansive as your proposition but works in theater with wifi and public smartphones. Works with SDI and HDMI so you dont need converters.

  • Hello JHoepffner,

    Do you know this model : Teradek Bolt Pro 300-910 ?
    It seems that we can connect it to MBP directly thru its USB 3 output so no Blackmagic mini recorder needed and less delay.
    If you worked with it, is it recognazable in Izz Live input with Apple driver as a 1080p ? 
    Fred V

  • Hi,

    I'm currently touring a show involving 3 x Teradek Bolt Pro 300 transmitters.
    We transmit 1080p50 signal.
    All I can say is that it's working pretty good.
    We have a quite complex set, multiple rooms, the walls are wood pannels on aluminium structure, 14 wireless mics on stage, a lot of light, but the video transmission is still very stable.
    There is no latency, no signal loose.
    Only problem I got so far is in theatres with too heavy wifi acces points installations. It was disturbing the Bolt's transmission.
    I specify in my tech rider that I may ask some of the house's acces points to be turned off...
    @jhoepffner : This devices use wifi frequences.I don't agree that it's not disturbed by public wifi. I experienced this problem one moth ago in le centquatre ( Paris ). My transmitters were constantly disconnecting until we unplugged all public wifi acces points in the room.
    That being sayed, I find these devices very good. They are stable and good building quality for intensive touring.

  • Hello Mehdi,

    Do you input in Izz thru the usb3 output from Teradek or from a Blackmagic with Hdmi or SDI output from Teradek ? 
    If it's with usb 3 Can you input 2 different Bolt receptor on one computer ? Did you still work on PC ?
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Hi Fred,

    I'm not using Isadora on this project, the signal goes from the Teradeks to an ATEM ( blackmagic ).
    I don't want to update the firmwares now because I'm in the middle of a tour, but in two weeks I will bring back a transmitter home and try the Usb3 capture thing.
    I will report then.

  • Thank's, enjoy your tour !