Matrox C680 5x streams outputs success with isadora ?

  • Hi, i have actually two Radeon R7 pci gpu boards on windows 7 server unit, running isadora 2.1. But too many crash with isadora with this configuration...
    I think that isadora don't realy accept my 2 GPU boards...
    So, i'm looking for a single board with 5 outputs (1 main desktop and 4 projectors output)
    Does anyone get success with the Matrox C680 with isadora on a windows 7 system ? Is there other GPU boards that could work ?

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  • Tech Staff

    Admittedly all my modern PC's have single nVidia cards.

    Older XP machines have ati etc..
     I had wanted to upgrade my laptop with nvidia to a dual setup using SLI, but its rather costly, so I haven't.
    Your AMD card looks like it should support everything needed (OpenGL 2+ etc.. ) so the instability may be with windows 7 support for dual cards. 
    Are the cards bridged (CrossFire) ? or running independent?

  • Hi DusX, crossfire is desactivated on catalyst so i hope they are running indepandently...

  • Tech Staff

    Unfortunately, I don't have any way to test further.

    Perhaps some others on the forum have more experience with additional hardware configurations.

  • I have a 7750 eyefinity board and am using all 6 miniDP to VGA outputs at 1024x768 . It was working mostly ok until I figured that I had to make it run at x16 link instead of 8x. It has been running nice and smooth ever since. with catalyst 15.9.1 Beta. I know the matrox moards use the AMD chips but I don't know more about the software or issues.