Ingesting Live Cam & Live Video using Blackmagick UltraStudio

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    I'm working in Isadora V 2.0 on a MacBook Pro Mavericks 10.9.5\.   I'm having trouble getting two simultaneous feeds from 2 UltraStudio (BlackMagic). Isadora acknowledges that the UltraStudios exist, but I cannot get the video feed to come up for both. I have the resolution set to 720 at  59.95 and it seems to read at 8bit when it does work. 
    I have gotten two feeds to read before,but for some reason I can't get it to happen again.  One feed is coming from an ATEM switcher at the same resolution, the other is coming from a live camera Sony EX3 w/ same resolution. I've switched between bringing the feed in HDMI and SDI and changed the resolution in the drop down menu for the different channels, but that doesn't seem to help either. Any thoughts? Thanks so much
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    Blackmagic capture cards are good, but the one not so good thing is, if the settings (resolution and framerate) on the computer don't match the input settings exactly it will not work. First try to get the feeds working in the Blackmagic Media Express software, so you are sure there is something coming in and then set it exactly the same in Isadora. And don't forget, in the system settings there are also blackmagic settings available to be set.

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  • @michel Thanks Michel! I'm still having difficulty running these through Live Input, however I found a work around that seems to be working great. I'm ingesting the feeds into Syphon and using the Syphon to video actor instead. So far so good!


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    I can only echo what Michel has said.

    They are great products but the settings are nightmare. The new update is a little better and a bit more functional - but really a full auto-detect would be ideal. 
    This may be the syphon app you are talking about, but for future readers here is a link with download:
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