I need used Macbook Pro, what is the best model for last 3-4 years?

  • I am on a tight budget but need another MBP. In last 5-6 years there has been many different models and I have not paid too much attention to know what to look for. What would be the best for AE rendering but good for running video live as well? It seems for the budget(700EUR) I can get something from 2013 and older.

  • Get a discreet gfx card and an ssd, any model, but the discreet gfx will cut out 90% of the models.

  • Thanks! That has been my understanding as well. So it narrows it down nicely.

    i5 or i7 does not matter that much, does it! How about the speed of the RAM?

  • for 700 bucks if you get a real GFX card and an SSD just take it, ram will be ok IMHO.

  • "Running video live" What sources? (Eg: if Intensity Shuttle USB then you're stuck with retina MBP due to necessity for USB3) Otherwise as above - last of the non-retina i7's with AMD GPU, 8gb Ram are good. Retrofit with a 256gb SSD alongside it's existing drive (take out the SuperDrive - all v.simple with video guides around online)... but downsides are Thunderbolt I, no native HDMI output, USB2 (good for Kinect v1, but not Kinect ONE, and no to BlackMagic USB), will need active TB to DVI adapter if you intend to work with older Matrox TH2Go. Point being, what are the limitations imposed by any other hardware you may need to hook up to it? I now use a non-retina 17" i7 w/AMD, a retina 17" i7 w/nVidia, and an i7 MacMini server (just IntelHD) all sync'd with OSC & Syphon just to let me carry on using older hardware alongside newer kit... O_o ...all gets quite financially depressing! Both MBPs handle heavy AE/Cinema4D renders fairly evenly - the nVidia GPU tends to win by a small margin with more recent CC versions of AE, whereas the AMD tends to win with CS5...

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    My macs have been from the Apple refurb store. Never had any problems with them.

    You can often save 12-35% off one which means you can often get a higher spec machine than if you where buying new. Worth a look.
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    Worth mentioning that the connectivity of the 15' Macbook Pros with Retina display is very useful. Dual thunderbolt ports plus HDMI allows the machine to run three beamers with only the need for one of Apple's display adapters.

    _Almost_ all models pack an i7 processor, SSD, and discrete GPU by default, and I wouldn't worry about how old of a model it might be -- I'm using a 2012 1st gen, and it still runs like a charm.
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    I love my MacBook Pro Retina. Mine is 3 years old now but still works great. The dual thunderbolt ports are brilliant but do require a load more cables and adopters!