What's wrong between isadora and windows ? Help needed

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    I need to output four 1920x1080 video streams for a show. I use a workstation with dual xeon E5-2660 (2x10 core), 16GB ECC registred ram, two AMD radeon R7 260X graphic cards (crossfire deactivated)  running Win 7 Pro 64. 
    Catalyst driver didn't give me a steady configuration with Isadora 2.1 so i went to AMD Crimson driver which give me Isadora sometimes working great ( 4 HD medias playing at 25fps) but too many crash still remain...
    Today, i have installed WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 and hope Isadora 2.1 to get working better. But it doesn't... I need do reset preference each time i launch Isadora to get it run 1 time for about 7 launch... and when it run, i can't activate show stage or stage preview... What's wrong ? 
    Is there a problem with the 2 GPU cards configuration ? 
    Why is it working better on WIN 7 rather than WIN 10 ?
    Is there a problem with 64 bit configuration/software (Isadora seems to be a 32bit software...) ?
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    I run on Win 10 64  without issue, so I doubt the OS is the issue.

    First, just to be sure. Do you have any antivirus running? If so disable it.
    Check your running processes, and deactivate any non critical startup processes (this will both minimize potential conflicts, and free up the system resources a little)
    Next I would try removing 1 of the video cards and run some tests, perhaps something in the dual card setup is the issue.

  • Is there some new information about this case, because I have the same problem in an almost identical configuration ?

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    Have you entered a support request?   http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    That is the easiest way for one of the team to work with you to find where the conflict exists.
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    @blackgotan ,

    from your support ticket I understand that you were able to correct the issue with your system by going into the nVidia 3D settings and setting Isadora to use the GPU instead of the Integrated processor. 
    This is related to the Optimus technology included with many nVidia cards, where the system is allowed to use a secondary integrated video card (usually an intel card). These options are primarily for power savings, and it is recommended that the settings be changed in the fashion that you have.
  • Izzy Guru

    Good to know @DusX

    I have an nVidia in my Gaming PC - I will have to go and investigate this! 

  • Just want to chip in:

    I have  a Dell Precision m3800 laptop running Windows 10x64, which has the integrated Intel Graphics as well as the Quadro K1000.

    I could not get Isadora to output to a secondary display until I went into the NVidia Control Panel and specified that Isadora should use the Quadro, not the integrated Intel Graphics.

    Sorry, have to backtrack. I got it working with this method once. but it has not stayed working. More investigation needed.

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    Try changing your vertical sync string in isadora (be sure isadora is using the dedicated card as outlined above ). I have had a user that needed to make this change to his laptop to get multi screen output.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Do you mean this setting?


    If so, yes, thanks very much, that fixes the problem for a simple project with just one video actor, but not with another projects where the assets are all PNGs. Am going to try making the images as other still types. Very odd...

    If that's not the setting you meant, please tell me what you did mean!

    Many thanks


  • No, as soon as I put an asset into a project that is not a video file, it stops working properly.
    I cannot get any still image files to output to secondary monitor with this Dell m3800. Even if I start a project where scene 1 is a video file - which outputs to secondary display just fine - and scene 2 is a still image, scene 2 will not output to secondary display....

    Ideas? Even better, cures?

    I've a dress rehearsal on Saturday for a show that's supposed to open on Sunday... if I can't get it to work on this PC, will the same .izz file play fine on a Mac that's just got Isadora running in demo mode? So I can at least run the show on that?

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    Can you submit a support request? http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ I will be able to communicate more efficiently thru the sup port system.

  • Hi, yes, I submitted a bug report on this topic about 22 hours ago, 0200 British Summer Time. Not had response yet. Thanks.

  • Dear @mark_m,

    DusX will be in touch via the ticket system. We may need some of your PNGs to try to sort out the problem.
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