Codecs with Alpha Channel

  • Dear Raha,

    The photo-jpeg codec has no "built-in" alpha channel -- in other words, the alpha cannot be encoded into the movie as it can with the PNG+ and Animation codecs. You can however create add alpha information to a video stream coming from a Photo JPEG movie by using the "Add Alpha Channel" actor. But this usually only helpful if you intend to add a fixed mask. If you want to have your image use a "traveling mask" (i.e., where the mask is moving in sync with the main image) then you need to use the codecs described by vanakaru.
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  • Hi Mark

    i haven't gotten into traveling that method works for me...
    regarding Vanakuru's comment "Animation with alpha is out of the question" -- is this true? there's no codec that allows for animation to retain transparency? 

  • Tech Staff

    I think vanakaru meant is, its out of question because of its heavy cpu load. Animation does support alpha channel.


  • Does anyone know if there's a "best" option for Windows?



  • Tech Staff

    I would suggest testing the DXV codec on Windows.. It seems that the free version should support alpha.

  • @Dusx as much I know the alpha is supported ONLY through Resolume the same as better performance.

  • Tech Staff

    OK< just did a quicktest and I have a DXV quicktime running in Izzy with alpha.
    Just select 'preserve transparency' in the quicktime codec settings during export.
    I have a test file that is 10 seconds 30fps 640x480 @ 17.6 mb
    Seems to run smooth for me, once I set izzies framerate to match the video.

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    PS: note Izzy can't be YUV mode

  • @Dusx Great.

  • I tried DXV again(after some years+downloaded the latest codec) and indeed it works very well. I have seen reports of better performance that with PNG+. Even the file is smaller that PNG+.

    When exporting from AE you need to choose RGB+Alpha and then Millions of Color+ along in codec settings to preserve alpha. 

  • Tech Staff

    Glad its working for you.. seems like the best alpha option right now.