• Hi, I've just installed izz 2.1 on a Mac Pro running with Capitan and I miss the Syphon server. I have it on my MBP running with Mavericks...

    An idea ?
    I tried also the TCPSyphonServer to share video thru both macs, the Syphon server on the MBP izz patch and the receiver on the MacPro.
    I recieve the image BUT even if it's written 70 fps on my client window, my movie is read with 1 FPS...
    I read I should disable the App Nap on Mavericks. It may change something.
    Does someone have feedbacks with TCPSyphon ?
    Many thanks under falling snow.
  • Izzy Guru


    the actor you are looking for is called "syphon stage output".

    With the TCPSyphonServer you are sending video over the network, so speed is very depending on your computer hardware specs, resolution and network speed. Try connecting the 2 computer via ethernet cable instead of WiFi

    Best Michel

  • Hey, sorry, I had both on the MBP and I didn't take care it was the same action. The ethernet cable helps a lot.

    One more important thing I have to find today is the fact to catch a stage (stage 2 for example from Mac B) in the receiver of Mac A means that we can't control a mix of mac A output with mac B output on the stage 1 from Mac A. OK I'm not clear but l'll work more on those interesting possibilities.

  • Ok, I understood my problems :

    The fact to use Syphon Server actor instead of Syphon Stage output actor avoids a video larsen between 2 patches running on 2 Mac.

    I attached the patch from the MBP. The one from the MacPro is slightly the same except that, missing the Syphon Server, I had to send to 2 different stages.

    This patch on MBP allowes me to send with TCPSyphonServer a video stream controlled on the MBP which can be different from the stage output and mix with another video stream of a patch running on MacPro and controlled by this MacPro with TCPSyphonClient.

    Both Macs are linked with an Ethernet (Thanks Michel).

    I just re-installed izz 2.1 on the Mac Pro after an upgrade on Capitan and I have only the Syphon Stage output actor and not anymore the Syphon Server actor. And I miss this precious actor because :

    My plan is to have 2 Mac, one "slave Mac" on stage with 3 outputs by a Matrox triple head and 1input, a PTZ USB 3 live cam (?) and one "leading Mac" in the audience (50 meters between both) with 1 output and 1 input, a Live cam thru Blackmagic mini recorder. Of course I want to send both cams or movies on the output I need...

    Am I clear ?

    I know I could use video splitters and a lot of cables and capture cards... but I try the cheapest install and I want to try with newest tools if it works.

    By the way, my FFGLVideomixer actor doesn't work...

    Thanks for your attention


  • Izzy Guru


    The "syphon server" is a 3rd party actor and not a default Isadora actor, you get it from: syphon-implementations.googlecode.com/files/Syphon for FreeFrameGL Public Beta 2.dmg

    I don't understand : avoids a video larsen between 2 patches, what does larsen mean?

    Best Michel

  • Larsen : If I have in my MBP's patch a video in watcher from cam A and a Syphon receiver from MacPro's patch where I have a video in watcher from cam B and a Syphon receiver from MBP patch, I can't have independent mix on MBP and MacPro because I catch the Stage of each Mac and not what I only want.

    So in the MBP's patch I'll have 2 time cam A : one from the video in watcher and one from the Syphon receiver from MacPro because I have the Syphon receiver of MBP present in the patch of the MacPro.
    And I'll have the same in the other side for cam B.
    I don't know if in english I'm clear enough but it happens what I mean.
    For the Syphon client bundle, it appears on my MBP in the FreeFrame GL actors list on izz but I don't know where to put the bundle on the MacPro.
    (I tried to put in izz/contents/frameworks but it doesn't appear.)
  • Izzy Guru


    Still don't really understand what you mean, but you can put the cam A and B inputs onto stage 2 then send the syphon signal from stage 2 to the other computer and fetch the syphon stream on both computers to stage 1.

    In the .dmg file you have downloaded there is also a "Read Me.rtf" file, there you can read that it goes to:  /Library/Graphics/FreeFrame Plug-Ins/

    Best Michel

  • I first tried that but if the cam is not visible on stage 2 ( projector actor not active or intensity 0 or not chosen in the izz preferences and placed on a real Display), the image doesn't appear in the TCPSyphonclient...

    And if I use simple patch : a video in watcher + a syphon stage output + a stage receiver on the same stage my cam image enters in a loop, get burned and the patch crashes .
    For the install, I read the file, went in Macintosh HD/Library/Graphics and there : no "FreeFrame Plug-Ins file" so I created it and dragged and dropped the 2 bundles.
    Restarted izz and "nada", no trace of Syphonclient.
    I tried the same in the Macintosh HD/Library/Graphics_/Frameworks_/ by chance, but without more success.
    I tried to touch to System/Library/Graphics/ nuts as I am, but "nichts", then I turned around the contents files of izz app and "niente"
    Here where I am.
  • Izzy Guru


    But why is it a problem having the floating window of stage 2 open? and the syphon receiver has to go to stage 1, then you will not have the burning effect.

    Well the default freeframe folder of isadora is: /Library/Application Support/FreeFrame/, forgot to say that.

    Best Michel

  • Sorry to have those lacks, It's maybe very easy but I don't know how to have a floating window of stage 2 (force stage preview ?) and a full window on stage 1 together.

    Do you use the general stage options  (by the way I don't see what it changes if I disable the option floating windows) ? or the trick of half or third from Matrox ? Or do you use a monitor with an actor/ control split ?
    One last question, after I'll take time to practice with this new version and find answers by myself : I didn't find in the release notes of izz 2.0 (and didn't see by myself) the use/effect of the Stage Live edit (cmd 2).

  • Fred,

    To have a floating and a full frame window, I assign one stage to an existing display and another to inexistant one.

  • Of course !!!

    Thanks Michel & Jacques.

  • My conclusion of those tests, if I didn't make other mistakes, the result is not the same if I use a Syphon server instead of a Syphon Stage output because the syphon receiver on the other computer will have the resolution max of the preview stage size with the Syphon Stage output and the resolution of the initial video source with the Syphon server.

    But maybe I missed other tunes.
  • Izzy Guru


    You can change the preview resolution to what you want.

    Best Michel

  • Yes of course, it's just after a question of visibility on the main screen.

    I sent 720p over TCPSyphon and it was easier for me not to have a preview of this size hidding my patch.
    Thanks, your solution to use a floating window is the best compared to a control monitor, it's less greedy. I forgot to use that.
  • Izzy Guru


    If you move the preview window outside of the screen bottom you will only see the header bar of the preview window and it will not cover your patch.

    Best Michel