• Hi!

    I dont see sprite actor anymore, but I see it in my old projects (with a different colour)
    It became obsolete? is there a better alternative?
  • Tech Staff

    Good catch.

    This actor does not yet have a GPU based replacement.
    Depending on what you are doing you can use the Projector as a way of compositing and animating images in a way similar to Sprite using the GPU.
    To have the sprite scaled correctly to the stage, the zoom input of the projector must be set to the size ratio of the sprite to the stage.
    I am attaching a user actor that helps with this. (next comment)
    Also the 'keep aspect' setting needs to be set to ON.
    and 'blend' to transparent.
  • Tech Staff

    Here's the user actor that will calculate the zoom needed for a non scaled display of the image.56f549-dx-graphicplacer-zoomcalc.iua

  • Thanks Dusx!

    I will try it out today!

  • regarding your user actor, isadora complains that "the file cannot be opened because it was saved by a newer version of isadora"

    I am using 2.1

  • and put this way, I have to admit I have real difficulties imagining why did I use the sprite in the first place...

    I will be working this out. I have 96 sprites to replace.
    now, I am still trying to figure out something. when I was using the sprites, the last string was passing through a motion blur, which means that all the sprites were affected by this motion blur. Now I will be using 96 projectors, but as they have no "output", I cannot send it to a motion blur. How could I apply motion blur to the result of these 96 projectors?
  • Tech Staff

    Ah sorry... I will have to open and resave with an older version. (running development beta)

    I'll re-upload today.
    See screengrab for user actor logic.


  • Tech Staff

    Sorry, no file.
    I can't find an older sample file using the user actor that I can extract.

  • no worries. I have my patch already sorted out. what I am still missing is what I commented before:

    I am triggering pictures with midi signals. 96 images. 96 projectors. how can I apply a motion blur to the 96 projector without using 96 motion blur?

  • @camilozk

    Maybe you can render your 96 projectors to a virtual stage, and apply your blur to the output of this virtual stage.

  • @camilozk I use a 3d projector switch from stage to renderer and send it to a virtual stage. just as keftaparty mentioned and it works fine. all my effects are between the virtual stage and the projector!


  • Great. I never used a virtual stage so far. thanks for the advice!!!

    now, I still have questions. I cannot use a projector, I need to use a 3D projector for this right?
    and in regards of computer usage, is it ok to have 96 3D projectors?

  • like this I have it working 91bd29-untitled-1.jpg

  • @camilozk to my knowledge only 3d projectors can be set to "renderer" i tried with a copy of 60 projectors and it still works fine. Just give it a try!

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, any 3D projector.

    Are you displaying images from all picture players at once? Or switching between?

  • almost never all of them together.

    often a lot of them together.
  • Tech Staff

    I wasn't sure if you needed as many video chains (repeated actors).

    Seems like a user actor to contain the group is probably easiest.
    I'm interested to know how it goes with 96 copies of these.

  • I will post something when I have it running

  • so. I am running 96 3D projectors each projecting an picture. each macro that contains the behaviour looks like in the attachment.

    then, I am using motion blur and HSL adjust affecting all 96 3D projectors.
    my target fps is 25fps and my real fps goes between 24.8 and 25fps
    pretty neat


  • Tech Staff

    Looks very interesting. I'm glad it's working out well for you.