Some feedbacks about Icon iControls Pro

  • Hi, after many years with bcf 2000, I have the opportunity to buy this cheap usb controller with motorized faders.

    I'm maybe old-fashioned but I don't like so much tactile faders from ipads for live performances.
    Did someone try it with izz ? Is it as simple as bcf or Korg nano ?

  • Tech Staff

    This one?

  • It should work fine, you need to make sure you always update the unit so it can adjust its faders with the latest value of each parameter you have linked to it.

  • Yes Skulpture it's this one, much cheaper in germany.

    Thanks Fred "aus", I'll take care of that.
    Fred "fr".

  • Tech Staff

    Looks good. I have to stop myself from buying lots of midi controllers - I love them!

    One day I plan to make my own :) 

  • I bought recently to work on Whitecat and it's doesn't work really good.
    Log out problem, faders will not go to 100%...
    But I think the problem come from the soft. However really compact and handy controler.

  • Thanks


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