Sonnet tech thunderbolt pcie box available soon

  • Sonnet are saying they will ship units on the 8th June

    I'm not looking at buying one anymore as my need is less pressing at the moment. Holdan are listing the price for it at £410+VAT in uk, so fairly expensive. 
    According to magma there are thunderbolt aware drivers for blackmagic pcie cards (thunderbolt aware drivers needed for a pcie card to work in an enclosure on mac). The advantage of this route is on a laptop you could run an external projector as the  box has two thunderbolt connectors, and does pass throught he display signal
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    Wow look great, I think 410-460 is good - a lot less than a Mac Pro!

  • Dear Nick + Skulpture,

    For what it's worth, I'm currently using a Blackmagic Ultra Studio 3D for the Coppola project, and it works well with Izzy. I'm assuming the more affordable Intensity Extreme will be the same.
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  • I am using a few different models of black magic thunderbolt capture with a mac mini. I still get a HDMI out as the mini has this and the thunderbolt port. I am looking into options for a second screen. There used to be a feature in the blackmagic drivers to extend your desktop over the output of the blackmagic card, but this feature was removed some time ago. Currently this output can be used in Isadora as an output but not all the time. Maybe one day Mark can make a clever actor that will allow easy rendering of control panels to this output also. It would be very useful (it seems it even has openGL as there is an open GL example in the decklink API that outputs some simple openGL shapes through the blackmagic HDMI output Or maybe some other clever cookie could do this. It would provide a great option for users to have access to a full featured system with these products.

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    @Fred - you say "Currently this output can be used in Isadora as an output but not all the time" can you explain this a little bit more. Im curious.


  • Sonnet have posted a list of tested cards for the boxes

  • Hi,

    [Netstor]( is saying they will release soon thunderbolt products.
    They are usually much cheaper than magma & sonnet...
    I have an expresscard expansion box from them and it works very well.
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    Another thunderbolt device, quite expensive but with two thunderbolt connections:


  • I checked out the belkin box, it has 2 ports but you need on to connect to the host and then you are back to single port but with another firewire ethernet, audio and usb.

  • The new MacBook pro has two thunderbolt ports and separate hdmi out, so thunderbolt pass through on video boxes is looking less important.

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    @nick just wanted to write the same. Can't wait to buy one.

  • I won't be buying one any time soon. Seems like the end of the road for the Mac Pro as nothing new announced on that front.

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    I really like the specs of the new MacBook Pro's!

    Says that it can support up to two external displays but I'm sure someone will get all three outputs working at some points.
    Two thunderbolt outputs connected to two matrix cards.... WOWZER! Screen mayhem!
    Can't believe it comes with a SSD and can have 16gig or Ram in a 3.3Ghz (turbo boosted).... time to save save save!