Error Opening Isadora 2.1 Windows--No Interface Response

  • I am experiencing an issue opening Isadora 2.1 showfiles on Windows 7. This is the second machine I have gotten this issue on.

    Upon opening Isadora, the entire interface becomes unresponsive. No actors appear in scenes (as they are inactive and I cannot click into them), the cycles show 999.9, and the FPS 99.9. I previously bipassed this error by opening a 2.0 showfile, clicking "yes" on the conversion, then upon loading successfully, I went to file>open to access the desired showfile. The first time I encountered this, it was by surprise, but it stopped occurring after a day or two. I am now experiencing the same error a week later on an entirely different project.

    Any ideas of what it could be?

    Both systems had two graphics cards. Current system:
    Asus Computer
    1 ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro
    1 NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    3 GB RAM
    Intel Xenon CPU 3.17 GHz
    64-bit OS

  • Tech Staff

    Have you started a support ticket for this?

    I think this will take some back and forth, so it would be best to work within our support system.

  • Started a support ticket. Awaiting a response.

  • Tech Staff