• Hi Izzy forum members I have finally entered the 2nd decade of the 21 century and acquired an internal SSD for my MacBook Pro. The SSD contains OSX and data. I remember when I used Avid Media Composer I had to have my content on a different disk to the program. So my question to the forum is does Isadora require content to be on a different disk or can I take advantage of the SSD speed and create a content folder on my desktop? What is best practice? Many thanks for your help

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    There is no problem having your content and the system on the same disc.

    Best Michel

  • That's great. Thanks Michel

  • After all those years of keeping the OS and content on separate drives it still feels a little bit wrong to use the same drive for OS and content....

    Make sure you enable TRIM to keeps the drive healthy and as fast as possible. "trimforce enable" in the Terminal for non-Apple SSDs.

  • Cheers Unfenswinger! I have only just put the Crucial SSD in my Mac so the TRIM process is the next step - thanks for making me aware of this. Do I literally open terminal and type "trimforce enable" ?

  • It is not needed, and the speed increase from spinning drives is so huge it is not really an issue, but it can help, your OS and software will be making a read and writes all the time, there is still plenty of speed in the disk to make your HD movies play fine, but if you are really pushing things (say with proress 4444 or a lot of movies) a separate disk will give a bit of extra speed.

  • @Michel @Unfenswinger @Fred thank you all for advice. I have managed to enable TRIM by typing into Terminal: "sudo trimforce enable" Life is now very nippy compared to my old, slow rpm drive

  • I forgot about the sudo part.

    Is Trim necessary? It depends on what you read and I've certainly read accounts of SSDs getting very slow over time without TRIM and Crucial's advice is to have it enabled despite their drives have Garbage Collection built in. So with something so easy to do I wouldn't hesitate and enable TRIM. All Apple flash drives have it enabled by default so they see it as a positive so I guess it can only help.
    Paz, The super quick boot times and application loads soon become the norm so never go back to a computer with spinning disks, it feels like there's something wrong it.