My stage goes black when pressing Force Stage Preview Output.

  • Hello again Isadora Community,

    I have a new issue related with the Force Stage Preview Output. When using live video, I am able to get a clear video capture preview, but when I shift to the Force Stage Preview the image outcome turns black. 
    Please see the attached screenshot for more information.
    Any ideas for the reasons that this happens?
    I have noticed that I have the same issue when using movie and picture player.
    Thank you in advanced for the help,


  • Tech Staff

    It look like your 'channel' input of the Video In Watcher is set to the incorrect capture channel.

    You have your video feed coming in channel 1.

  • Dear DusX,

    Thank you for your respond.
    Actually, yes you are right, but I am still having the same issue even if I turn the channel to correspond my capturing channel. Please, see new attachment.
    Any further ideas?
    Thank you in advanced.


  • Tech Staff

    interesting, I can see your video slightly, so we know you are getting a feed.

    What do you see, when you roll over the patch cable between the 2 actors (should show a thumbnail view)? Is it similar to the capture preview window?
    What version of Isadora are you running?

  • Dear DusX,

    In this new screenshot you will see that the thumbnail view is the same with the capture preview window.
    I am using the 2.1 version of Isadora.
    I cannot understand what goes wrong!
    Thanks again,a


  • Tech Staff

    OK, it looks like maybe you have some extreme edge blending setting in your stage settings.

    Go to Output/Stage Setup,
    and ensure the edge blend section for stage 1 has all fields set to Zero

    See my screen capture. I have set the width setting so that I start to get a display like yours.

    Setting the 90 back to Zero fixes this.


  • That was the problem DusX!!!

    Thank you so much!!!
    It has been a great help!!!
    All the best,
  • Izzy Guru

    @DusX maybe a 'reset' button would be handy to eliminate this problem?

  • Tech Staff

    This section is under major development, so little changes are unlikely in the short term I think.