• I'm attempting to move an object along a pre-determined path and I saw that folks have recommended using a data array and/or an envelope generator ++ actor and I'm a bit at a loss of how to implement this.

    I've got as far as determining the start position and the end position but getting the data into a usable location that can then influence the horizontal and vertical positions on the projector is a little confusing to me.
    Any help would be appreciated! (I'm about to start tech and this is a last minute director request)
    Thank you!

  • If it is moving in straight line then you could use two envelope generators set their initial values to the x and y start positions, and the final values to the x and y end positions. Set the time period of the envelope generator to how long you want it take for the journey and trigger them both to start together

  • If you want a not straight path then you could calculate a series of points close enough together to make smooth movement and store them in a data array or text file, and get a pair of values out one after the other to move it along

  • Thank you!

  • You could also try using curature with the envelope generator to curve your path

  • Tech Staff

    A similar apprach to the data array method can be done with javascript. Either an external txt file with the data or even within text/ture actor, read out line by line.