V2.1 : text track in a MoviePlayer makes Izzy crash

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    upgrading a v1.3 patch to v2.1, i want to get the subtitle's text track of a Quicktime movie...
    it worked perfectly with that movie in v1.3, but crashes Izzy v2.1 :
    with only a MoviePlayer actor in a brand new patch, i just select the index of the track,
    and Izzy crashes as soon as the first line of text occures.
    (when re-opening the original patch, i can't activate the scene anymore ; it crashes every time... i lost two days of work...)
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    Open Isadora and chage the preferences for on open (deselect open first scene) That should allow you to open the patch. Then deactivate the engine. Then look at the scene. Shouldn't have lost anything.

  • Tech Staff

    I will contact you direct so see if I can help with the text track.

  • preferences set to Nothing and Don't activate any sccene, engine stopped...

    i can open the patch but Izzy is still crashing when i activate the concerned scene (the other scenes are ok)   :o(
    the good news is that i can copy-paste an old version of the concerned scene, and loose only 1 day !...   :o)
    the patch with just a scene and a MoviePlayer doesn't crash when engine is stopped.
    thanx @DusX, i send you a link.

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem with quickTime text tracks… It seems that apple had abandoned the feature.
    I changed all my subtitled movie player to the use of .srt files and the "ReadTextFromFile" actor.
    Not so easy to manage but it works with the same features.
    Hopefuly ReadTextFromFile works with UTF8 characters for european languages but we must ask another time for UTF8 in Javascript text output and for text input/output in Data Array! (please Mark and IssyGurus…).

  • thanx for the tip @jhoepffner, but what about the fact i'm still on OSX 10.6.8 ?...

  • Between the last version of QT, Isadora 2.1 using principaly AVFoundation (no text tracks), I think that could be the culprit.

    I have to check it with some old movie with QT text track. Not on my desktop at the moment.

  • @jhoepffner, that could confirm your guess : the same movie read in v2.1 with a ClassicMoviePlayer doesn't crash...

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, I can confirm that this file crashes Mac when played with the New Movie Player.

    I will submit a bug report.
    It is worth mention, that both players work as expected on the PC, and that the Classic Movie Player works for Mac.
    @spidflinch you will need to use the Classic movie player for text track support until a fix is found.

  • done ! 
    thanx @DusX