Multiple Kinects with Overlapping Views

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    Hello all,
    I apologize if anyone posted something similar to this before, but I looked around and did not see anything.
    Though I have not personally tried it, I have been reading about an interesting way to allow multiple Kinects to have their views overlap without each Kinect getting confused by the IR noise created by the other Kinects. What these clever people have done is they strapped a vibration motor onto each Kinect. To quote the article "It works by effectively blurring the information from other Kinect units. As the vibrating motor moves the [IR] projector and [IR] sensor of one Kinect unit together, this has the same effect as keeping that unit stationary and moving all the other overlapping units. Now the other ‘interfering’ signals can be detected as motion blur and be subsequently removed." 
    There are undoubtedly other ways to eliminate the interference that overlapping Kinects produce, but I just found this to be a neat idea and wanted to share it. 
    Below is the link to the full article, which also has a video demonstrating the effects of the technique:
    I hope you all find this interesting and (potentially) helpful,
    P.S. If anyone does end up trying this before I do, (I currently only have one Kinect), I would love to hear how it turns out.
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    I'm aware of this video. Never tried it, I only have one Kinect myself. I should buy another really!
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  • mhmm... def. interesting - the way I set my pair up they don’t tend to interfere with each other as I intentionally avoid overlaps (kinects at 10pm-ish & 2pm-ish with subject in middle of the clock). Might have a play with this when I get chance - I foresee a scalextric car losing it’s motor imminently... altho 25000rpm could be overkill for this purpose!

  • very interesting indeed. i already ordered a little engine..;) i will give it a try next week and post the results