HDElite splitter and extender: Some feedback?

  • Hi,
    Is anyone tried HDelite brand?

    Or use this extender ? http://www.hdelite.eu/ProHD-extender-50M.html

    Or this splitter? http://www.hdelite.eu/ProHD-splitter2ports.html

    For a theater project I'm searching to link two projectors using HDMI/RJ45 converting signal on 30-40 meters. Whith a minimum of latency of course (live video stream on stage)...
    I already looked for kramer's solutions but it's to expensive for me. However I don't want to buy a cheap solution which will never work and HDelite seem to be a middle range solution, am I wrong?
    If someone understand my really bad english (sorry for that), and had a suggestion or feedback on HDelite...


  • Hello,

    Normally a HD signal needs 2 RJ45… I never try this one. You can also buy HDMI repeaters and go for 40m without problems.

  • Go to eBay and look up SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI convertors, get one of each and a BNC cable. They cost 40 bucks each and the cable will be a dollar (minimum) per metre. Pretty much every theatre or venue will also have some 75ohm BNC lying around. Way more reliable than the Ethernet extenders BUT: they will only support SMPTE video standards like HD 720, HD 1080 and PAL and NTSC. You will also be ready to interface with pro SDI gear. You can get 100 metres easily with desent cable.

  • Thanks! This solutions seems good, especially as I still use the BNC to connect a live camera.
    should I expect myself to some latency problems with the BNC solution?

    NB - I don't understand the 2 RJ45 for a HD signal? I really have to plug to RJ45 cable for one HD stream?


  • I get no noticeable delay from using the extenders (ie less than one frame).

    Even though some extenders say HD they do not support the full bandwidth so you will find that the extenders that use a single RJ45 cable maybe able to send 1080i50 but not 1080p50 (as it is double the bandwidth). There are some of the high end extenders that can do the full res in one cable but they are expensive, some have a remote system where only one of the boxes needs power (2x RJ45) and some can do a lot of high resolutions (2x RJ45). There is no standard and these boxes do not convert to and from a standard so the sender of one company will not work with the receiver of another. There are a lot on the market (HDMI over RJ45), but you need to check and test to find the one you like.
    HDMI to SDI on the other hand is a standard and although it technically does less (in terms of non SMPTE resolutions), IMHO it is a much better way to go.