2 BM mini rec fail on MBP retina 2.6 ghZ i7 mavericks

  • Hello, I tried to have 2 inputs on izz 2.1 over Mavericks and it doesn't work. I see them in live capture settings (device : ultra studio mini recorder # 1 on channel 1 enabled and ultra studio mini recorder # 2 on channel 2 enabled and I have in the preview window one cam image and one black image)

    I first tried on 1080i50 then tuned my 2 cam hdmi output on 720p50.
    If I plug only the mini rec 1 on thunderbolt port 1, I see the cam 1 connected to this mini rec and If I plug only the mini rec 2 on thunderbolt port , I see the cam 2 so it works for one input but not 2...
    I tried also to unplug my hdmi output to check if it was different but no.
    When I linked for the first time my new mini rec I had a message to do an update on the mini rec and after a message of things OK...
    Any advice ?
  • Tech Staff

    This sounds similar to trying to use 2 usb capture devices of the same model on a single host controller. Each needs to be on a separate controller.. but only if the model is the same. Maybe it's the same here.

  • I trusted this discussion :

    where jacob1970 wrote he could use 2 same model mini recorder on a  MBP...
    "For switching a live video feed I have two Sony CX405 Handycams connected through HDMI cables into two separate Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorders to each of the two Thunderbolt ports on my Macbook Pro Retina (2012 model). I feed the projector through the HDMI port. It works great... "
    I knew this limit with usb but didn't think it was the same thru thunderbolt.
    I'll dig that but if other people have feedbacks it 'll be great.
    Fred V
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    Yes, that thread does sound promising.. so I suppose it may be a config issue.

    Can you see both at once in the Black Magic software?
  • Izzy Guru

    Could it be a thunderbolt bandwidth issue? Just a thought?

  • Yes Skulpture, I Thought that too but it works for Jacob with his 2012 Mbp so no thunderbolt 2, mine neither but it's a newer 2014 MBP retina...

    DusX, on Blackmagic media software, when I plug one mini rec, I see the image of each, when I plug two, I see only one but I it seems normal because I didn't see  a pattern to choose an input. I can try with Black syphon.

  • Won’t be bandwidth... 10Gb/s per port is more than enough for vidcap at 1080/50. Smacks of a software issue - either BlackMagic have changed their software so it only inits the first device (to try and force you to move to one of their pricier products for handling multiple  inputs), or as you’ve already guessed, Jacob is using BlackSyphon or another alternative method. Keep us posted... !

  • Blackmagic SDK and drivers all support multiple devices. The multi input hardware is all enumerated as separate devices by their subsystem. I regularly run multiple devices in different environments with no problem.

  • Yes it's strange because both mini recorders are seen with two different name (#1 and #2)..

     Is it a limitation by Mavericks ? It doesn't seem because on the web people on Mavericks can plug 2 mini rec for video streaming without any problem.
    No answer for the moment.

  • I had problems with Izzy 2.1 and BM, so I went back to 2.05 and the problems went away.

  • Argh, I tried to open 2.05 and It crashs saying that my file have been saved with newer version (even If I didn't want to open a patch but the app).

    So I thought in the pref it was configured to directly open a specific patch and I tried to open a specific patch ( I have a file of patches for each version : patch 1.3, 1.5, 2.00b4, 2.00b17, 2.05,  2.1) with the specific version and same problem !
    None patch can be opened with none older version than 2.1! And if I do a copy of a 2.05 patch and try to open it with 2.1, no problem but I have the message saying that my file is about to be updated to 2.1\. What the mess.

  • Right click open with Isadora 2.05.

    I use a dedicated computer for it so I deleted 2.1.

  • However, on all my other computers that I use Isadora I use the Thunderbolt to HDMI converters and 2.1 work well.

  • Craig, after resolving my crashs with 2.0.5 (problem of user actor), I tried to input 2 BM mini rec with this version I don't attempt anymore. I have exactly the same behavior than with 2.1, only on live input is visible.

    I'm stuck.
  • Tech Staff

    Are they thunderbolt or usb3?

  • What version of desktop video (the blackmagic driver) are you using. There was a problem with 10.6 and multiple devices and 10.6.1 solved it for thunderbolt devices but there are still some issues with usb3.0

  • Hello,

    It works ! Just before reading troika forum, I spent more time on this problem. I uninstalled BM desktop video utility 10.5.2 and reinstalled 10.5.2 (yes the same, I'm on Mavericks).
    And for the first time I have been able to see the image of the 2 devices from 2 ultrastudio mini rec. Before I could see the 2 devices in the menu of input/izz or in BM media express but I had always one black image on the 2 inputs.
    What happened ? I don't know. I have to take care anyway because my cycle in izz is very low (under 100) with a simple patch : only 2 video in watcher and 2 projector on 720p50 tune for input and 720p25 output.
    I'll search around syphon to see if it's better.

  • Dear All,

    First, to @craigw - I sent you an email about your Blackmagic issues. Now that v2.2 is out, I want to focus on issues like these and get them resolved.
    Then to @fredvalliant and all here: I only have one piece of Blackmagic hardware: the Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt. Is there something special about the BM Mini Rec in comparison to my device? I mean, if I have to, I'll purchase two BM Mini Rec to try to look into this problem. But do you all think getting a second Intensity Extreme would represent the same problems?
    My feeling is that most BM devices are doing basically the same thing, it's just the options of connections (USB vs. Thunderbolt, input connectors, number of channels, etc.) that are different. But I am not an expert on this, so anyone who knows better than me please tell me what you know.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello,

    Now after reinstalling drivers, it works well thru v2.2 also. Cycles are about the same (220) if I use 2 video in watcher or Black Syphon and 2 syphon receivers. 
    So because the problem was also in Blackmagic Media express, I feel that the problem was only with BM drivers.
    When I had only one ultrastudio minirec it was nearly a plug & play. My problems arrived when I plugged for the first time my 2nd minirec.
    What we have to take care is : open BM video utility (latest version from your OS), set to the right input (sdi or hdmi) for each minirec, and have the same setup in the cam output and in the live input setting.
    After it's izzy !


  • I'll start some testing today.