Macbook(s) and performances...

  • Hello,

    I’m working on a project for a small company who need to buy a Macbook. We’ll have to mix 2 movies in HD with a live HD stream thru the FFGL chromakey ( and a thunderbolt blackmagic).
    So I wonder which Macbook Pro we really need in the new range to handle it: the most expensive one with « real » graphic card AMD Radeon R9 or one with just Intel Iris Pro Graphics could do the trick?

    Somebody has experimented Intel Iris Pro Graphics  with Isadora and HD material?

    PS : We’ll have only one output to a HD projector.

    Thanks for your help

  • Tech Staff

    You really only need to most basic version that has a thunderbolt input, to meet your requirements.

    I am able to easily mix 2 1080p videos thru chromakey, and mix in a HD webcam video on a Mac mini with integrated Intel video. Also, I tested crossfading to a similar scene (total 4 HD videos and the camera feed mixing during the crossfades).

    My frame rate is remaining above 29fps during the crossfade, and 30fps the rest of the time.

    Note: I used HAP video at 1080p (other AV foundation formats may provide additional performance, while others will perform worse)

    The dedicated video card would be best if you were going to do a lot of effects (like chroma, or other FFGLs, Heavy mapping etc)

    As it is.. the Mac mini can handle your requirements and more.

    Since you are working with HD video, be sure to get a SSD rather than a traditional HDD.

  • Thanks a lot for your good news, DusX.
     I'm only used these last years to a MacPro full of (almost vintages) graphic cards, or old MacBookPros with Radeon or else...
    So I am a bit surprised but I guess Intel chipset has improved since last century!
     And I haven't  think about the mac-mini, and gonna study this possibility...