How to bring effected image at the beginning of a chain effect, to process it again?

  • Hi,
    I have a huge chain effect for my vids, all in 1 line,
    sometimes I want to freeze the final result, with FFGL freeze, but i would like to get this results back at the beginning of the chain without creating a feedback effect...
    I'm trying to achieve that with selectors and routeurs but i'm afraid my brain is melting...
    Thanks a lot,
    i'm preparing an example patch to post in a few minutes!

    PS/ maybe the simplest would be to capture a result to disk and then play it back and process it again?
    the problem is that i really need real time work flow...
    maybe a switch with a photoplayer?
    thanks for advices

  • here's my patch sorry if it's not clear...

  • Tech Staff

    Maybe not the best way but if you change the projector to a 3D one you can then grab the output using the Virtual Stage actor and then add more effects as required? 206333-screen-shot-2016-02-19-at-10.53.23.png

  • Thanks skulpture, i 'll have a look but i'm pretty afraid of the ressources consumming of such a process...

  • coucou l'ami.....syphon......

  • merci pascal, en effet ca semble le plus simple mais je me demande ce qui consomme moins de ressources...

    Thanks Skulpture but as I try to connect 3D proj, it's forbidden.. It allows cpu vid only, my version maybe 2.0.5.... (2.1 crashes patch )?

  • Hello,

    I think syphon is the good way, I prefer the FFGL actors to the Isadora ones.


  • pfff i'm sorry but i'm kind of blocked...
    i would like to use the result of the chain effect , frozen or not and process it again,
    but i got a larsen i can't get rid of,
    and if eveer i use frozen solid function, the fact that the input is shut shuts the freeze, grrrrr !

    thanks for help

  • in french... 'cause he's from my team...& 'cause it's easier for me.

    ton larsen doit venir du fait que tu syphonnes le stage#1 que tu réutilises dans le même stage#1
    donc >>> tu syphonnes ton stage#1, et tu le ré-importes dans une chaine qui part sur le stage#2
    ton output générale sera donc le stage#2 et fini le larsen (en même temps moi j'aime bien ces larsen de stage...)
    appelle si t'as des soucis...

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