Revisiting the Enttec DMX USB Pro

  • I have struggled on and off again with connectivity with my Enttec USB DMX Pro.  It worked beautifully for about a year, then it just stopped.  It works in the other applications I use it with just fine, just Izzy doesn't see it.  I have tried all of the suggestions on the forums, FTDI driver issues, Pro Manager, etc.  I even tried it on a brand new machine with a fresh install of Izzy.  Other apps work just fine, not Izzy.  Is there a concise fix for this?  I am running a MBP 10.10.5.  with Izzy 2.1.  Any help would be appreciated.


  • @thesadfox strange, because i run the same setup and it works rock solid. but i only use it with my "Isadora "Lightboard which i use quite a lot. There is some Issue with FTDI Drivers.

    You find more Information here : 
    Hope this helps


  • Thanks,

    I have tried all of that.  When I disable the FTDI driver thru the OS X FTDI Driver Control 1.0.4 app, it does not show up on the USB bus in the System Report.  But when I enable the Serial FTDI driver, it does show up on the USB bus in the System Report.  The Pro Manager application sees it just fine as well.  

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    Just tried it today on my MacBook Pro with 10.10.5 and it works fine for me. What FTDI driver version did you install exactly? I have installed version 2.3 for 10.9 and above. Could it also be that you have installed the D2XX Direct Drivers as well?

    Best Michel

  • Take a look at @jandraka 's comment in this post. It solved my issue.

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