• Hi, my usb liscence still isn't holding. If I don't use the computer for about 30 min. Isadora reverts back to demo mode. Then I have to restart the computer. Do I need a new usb key? This has been ongoing for years. On this computer it doesn't need to use the usb liscence, maybe a standard liscence would work better. Thanks

  • We're finalizing the Isadora v2.2... the team has the final candidate in their hands and it's looking good. This new version should solve this issue. We hope to post this new build tomorrow barring a surprise bug. If you're need is urgent, contact using the support form and we'll get you this final candidate version.

  • I'll wait.

    Thanks Mark.

  • Oh, Does v2.2 work better with Black Magic? V2.1 I couldn't use.

  • Izzy Guru

    In what way couldn't see it?

    In the Live Input Setting? Or in the Video In watcher?
    Also: what black magic device? 

  • BM Thunderbolt Ultra Studio Express, I use it as an output. The computer would crash a lot and the output sometimes flickered. Rolled back to v 2.05 and the problems went away.

  • Tech Staff


    I once had a similar issue with my USB license reverting to Demo Mode over and over. After running up to the booth to unplug and replug the USB for the third time or so, I noticed the computer was very warm and that Isadora USB was also becoming very warm. I then plugged an external USB hub into the computer and plugged my USB into the hub, rather than plugging it into the computer directly. After that, I did not have the issue again. I'm still convinced it was heat-related, and now I always plug in my USB into any computer I'm using via an external USB hub. Do you have a external USB hub kicking around? Couldn't hurt to try it, right?