Blackmagicdesign Intensity Extreme

  • Hello all:

    Looking to connect a Canon HD CMOS HDMI camera to Live Capture.  I have the camera going through an Intensity Extreme.  But I'm not getting the signal through this camera in Izzy (v.2.1).  
    I know the box is working as I have another camera that works through the component video Breakout.  Changed the Input setting in my Blackmagic preferences in the computer but still doesn't work.  And I know that I can receive HDMI signal through the box using this exact same camera with the Blackmagic Media Express software.
    Any ideas?  

  • Hi

    I don't recall exactly how, but when I hooked up a black magic disc recorder a while back I had to really mess around with the black magic settings before Isadora would recognise the signal. I remember the framerate was important.
    I think there is hope. Keep tweaking :)

  • Also, I think there is a setting in the camera to set the output standard of the component (and sometimes to turn it on). The latest blackmagic drivers (10.6.1) do autodetect of format (not connection) with most capture models, this probably wont work in Izzy but will with the bundled media express software from BM. Verify you output standard from the component (you can also do this by plugging it into a modern LCD, it should auto adjust and report the resolution and framerate). Last there are two naming conventions for component signals and sometimes the colours dont match up, check the output labels, if the signals are switched you wont get a feed.

  • Thanks. Will need to look at the setting again. Will report back when I get back to the machine.