• [HOTFIX -  v2.2.2] An issue with the background movie player affecting users of Mac OS 10.9 has been fixed, as well as two more minor issues. The current version is now 2.2.2. All users should download this update.

    [HOTFIX -  v2.2.1] A few issues snuck through the v2.2 release, primarily related to edge blending on multiple stages. Fixes for these bugs (as well as a couple of others) can be found in the current download. The current version is now v2.2.1. Many thanks to the team who changed up their schedules to help with this.


    Hot of the press: Isadora v2.2

    I am pleased to announce the release of Isadora v2.2. It is available now from the Downloads page of the TroikaTronix web site. This upgrade is free for those who already own an Isadora v2 license. Just install and run. (If you haven't yet purchased an upgrade to Isadora v2.0, you're missing out! Visit our online store to upgrade.)

    The primary goal of this release was to increase HD performance and rendering quality by converting the 25 most crucial video processing actors to use the GPU. (These actors also allow Core Image video streams on Mac OS.) In addition, we've added a new feature that's going to improve the workflow for anyone creating cue-based shows. Also, the manual has been updated to reflect the new features of Isadora 2.0, including new and updated tutorials, a reference section for IzzyMap (our projection mapping system) and more.

    To learn more about all the additions and improvements, read the full Isadora v2.2 release notes.

    On Monday, March 21st we will publish the road map for the upcoming versions, so you will have a clear picture where we are headed through the remainder of 2016. I will simply say now that you can expect two more releases before the end of this year.

    Since I have your attention, I will mention here that we are finalizing plans for the Isadora Werkstatt Berlin, the first ever international gathering of Isadora users to be held July 27-30, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. There will be workshops by the Isadora team, creative spaces, performances and more. You will be receiving news in April at the latest about what we've got planned for you.

    One last point for long time Isadora users: while they may be working for you, the old "Classic" Movie Players are not totally reliable on Mac OS 10.9 and later, QuickTime, the playback engine on which they are based, is becoming more problematic which each new version of Mac OS. If you have Movie Players with the word "Classic" in their name, we strongly encourage you to replace them actors with the new Movie Player that's in v2.0. Doing so is the most important step to make your old patches reliable.

    I want to take a moment to thank the entire team (@DusX, @mc_monte, @Michel + @Skulpture) who worked very hard to ensure that this version was as reliable as possible, and to @Primaldivine who did the work to update the manual. I also must thank Xenia, our fearless production manager, who always keeps things on track.

    Thank you as always for your enthusiasm and your support. Isadora will continue to grow this year. We look forward to working with you to make it everything you hope it to be.

    With Best Wishes,
    Mark Coniglio
    Creator of Isadora