Quick Question: Can most recent Mac mini (i5) output to three displays at the same time?

  • Dear All,

    I've got a Mac mini with two thunderbolt outputs and an HDMI output. Apple's specs say "up to two monitors" but I found a couple of things on the 'net that imply you can actually get three out of it.

    Can anyone with hands-on experience tell me yes or no about connecting three displays?


  • Mark,

    I dont know for all macMini but my last experience allowed only 2 output (not counting matrox factor). When you plug the third one, you have a copy from te second one.
  • Tech Staff


    The MacMini I have used in the trojan horse installation only had one thunderbolt, there I attached a Zotac thunderbolt to dual HDMI that got me 2 individual outputs plus the native HDMI output. I don't have a MacMini with two thunderbolts available to test. Sorry.

    Unfortunately the Zotac adapters are out of stock. I wrote them to ask if they will produce more. The answer was no. The product is end of life, because their chip supplier quit the main parts of the adapter without any alternative.

    Best Michel

  • Beta Tester

    I believe that the answer is no. The GPU only has two discreet outputs so if you connect three monitors, two will be mirrored as far as I know.