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    Hello all,
    I just wanted to spread the word about a lovely piece of hardware that I plan on buying. The product is called a Slide'n Joy. Basically they are extra screens for your laptop (Mac AND PC) that attach to the back of your screen. Personally, I am very tired of only having one screen after using multi-screens with my desktop. They are in preorder right now, and the only reason I haven't ordered yet is because they are talking about developing touchscreen models. They are kind of expensive, but not prohibitively so. 
    I know I sound like a salesman here, but it is really just that I am very excited for this product, and I wanted to spread the word about this to a group of people that I thought might be equally excited.
    - They are based in Belgium, but they ship to the EU, US, Canada, etc. 
    - Works for Mac and PC, Linux is a work in progress
    - Powered by single USB 3
    - Screens are freestanding
    - 1 Screen, 2 Screen models, with accessory 3rd screen in the works
    - Full HD
    - Screens slide in and out of device which attaches to the back your laptop, (there's also a magnetic case you can buy)
    - Screens can ROTATE 180 DEGREES
    - Choice of exterior colours and materials (dark wood, light wood, aluminium, even CARBON)
    - Weight: Depending on model between 500 - 1000 grams, (or ~1.1 - 2.2 pounds for silly Americans like myself who still foolishly use the Imperial system)
    - Sizes:
    13" : 11.59 inch x 6.52 inch / 294mm x 165mm
    15" : 13.59 inch x 7.64 inch / 345mm x 194mm
    17" : 15.07 inch x 8.48 inch / 382mm x 215mm
    - Other cool features in development
    - Other Specs:
    Slab type : IPS ( Best results for less consumption) & matte slab

    Colorimetry : sRGB

    Response time : 5ms

    Frequency : 60hz

    Resolution : 1920*1080

    I hope that some of you find this as exciting as I do. As I said, I'm going to wait until they develop a touchscreen model before buy, (or maybe not, I may get impatient), but it looks like a great, and potentially very useful product that I think most of you agree would be great for people in our line of work.
    Below are their webpages if you want to check them out:
    [Kickstarter page](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slidenjoy/slidenjoy-double-or-triple-your-screens)