Enttec PRO Mk2 vs Lanbox LCX

  • Just a heads up

    I bought two mk2's in the hope that they would be a cheaper alternative to the Lanbox
    Boy was I disappointed... They only work with their own really wonky software, connecting to the hardware is a multiple click business that might or might not be successful, in any case a slow process.
    So thats okay, all I want is to trigger the cues via midi. But noooo, the midi input is only active when the software is running. So no standalone operation and no triggering from izzy without a dedicated computer running the software.
    And even if you have a dedicated computer, good luck trying to automate the starting up and connecting of the software/hardware.
    Sent them back pronto and got a couple of lanboxes. Twice the price, half the amount of universes. But at least they do exactly what you want. In stand alone mode. Love the lanbox!

  • The enttec boxes are hardware and just send the right kind of serial command from USB, the company is not know for its lighting software. Take a look at QLC+, I run it on a raspberry pi and send it OSC, or you can run on mac windows or linux and send OSC or midi to control anything. It will utilise the enttecs universes and it is free and very solid. With the Pi you can ssh, have kisok mode, work headless or with a screen, or you can hang them off your computer. Cheaper and more flexible than a lanbox.