Blackmagic ultrastudio 3d / 2 full HD stream output

  • hello, I just started playing around with the software and love it! I am preparing for a performance with an orchestra and am planning to use two (1920x1080 native) projectors. My plan is to build 2 prores 422 1920x1080 streams (coming off separate drives) and output them from the thunderbolt port of a macbook pro. I am wondering if anyone has used a blackmagic ultrastudio 3d box? I am wondering if Isadora will be able to assign the 2 sdi outputs as stage 1 and stage 2 and whether a system like this might choke? The box is designed for 3D HD applications so I imagine this set up should work providing that Isadora has the functionality to assign to the box... any information from users who have output 2 full HD streams would be greatly appreciated!

    PS. I will not be applying any effects but will need to adjust the output levels to the projectors on the fly so am thinking that with a fast macbook pro and fast drives that I should not run into performance problems... I will be trying to source a rental unit for testing but if you have reservations about the approach I'd love to hear about them!


    John Price Tonroto.

  • Hi,

    I think you will not be able to use the sdi outputs of the matrox.
    This is not a graphic card but a video card.
    I think that you can do what you want with a dualhead2go. But this will not output SDI.
    I think a good ssd is enough to read 2 prores 422 1080\. Search in the forum, Mark posted a few feedbacks about playback of that kind of files.
    For adjusting the level ( fade to black ? ), You can do it with the projector actor ( intensity input ), It's opengl based, so no performance problem.

  • Dear John,

    There is an actor that has not yet been released that would allow you to route the two video streams to the Black Magic. I am willing to let you try this as a beta tester. If you want to do so, please contact me off list at mark [attttta] troikatronix [dotttta] com.
    This actor streams the raw data directly to the Black Magic card. So, to do a fade,  you'll need to use the Video Fader actor. But, with two full res HD streams, this could be the difference between working well and not working so well (e.g., bad frame rates.) Hopefully you'll be able to tell me after you give it a try.
    The only issue with allowing you to try this actor is that my show 'loopdiver' opens in Berlin next week. Until it is over (Oct 20th) I won't be able to prepare this for you. So, if you're timeline is not terribly urgent, we can talk about when I can get this actor to you.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hey marc, does this experimental actor allow for the input and output of the blackmagic to be used at the same time?

  • Well, theoretically the Live Capture Settings would allow input, and the output actor would allow output. But honestly I've not tried it yet. And I wan't have time to do so until after my piece 'loopdiver' closes in Berlin on Oct 20th, 2012

    Best Wishes,

  • @john
    Just a quick note from my personnal experience. If you finally decide to use a matrox dualhead but still want to use sdi cable, be very cautious. I'm personnally still in the struggle process to have a dualhead sending signal to two dvi converter (to sdi) from blackmagic. And so far it worked magically once and then…
    It's a lot about resolution, frame rate, color management profile, etc… And it can be really time consuming…

    This experimental actor sounds great. Do you think it can work with internal blackmagic card like the decklink sdi ? If you think so and need more test, i will be happy to help…
    And "break a leg" for the show or "toï toï" like we say here…

    All the best

  • I have had similar experience with the blackmagic convertors. The issue is simple, you must output exactly the same signal characteristics as you need for the SDI, so for sd PAL 720 x 576 25hz refresh interlaced, not all video cards will do this. Using a high quality scaler will give you the right kind of outputs. 

    Blackmagic has released a thunderbolt SDI out dongle that is super cheap (145 bucks).  If you happen to have a mac book pr retina you get 2 SDI outs very cheap and no messing around with convertors. However it does not say if it appears as a second monitor or if you have to use the direct output.

  • I agree on the signal characteristics. It's quite simple if you have one simple output from the computer. But strangely i can't have it from the matrox dualhead even if the matrox tells me it ouptut two 1080i signal…

    The thunderbolt think feels more to me like a playback device (like the others ultrastudio)…


  • Izzy Guru

    These look great!

  • Has anyone tried the Black Magic UltraStudio recorder with isadora?

  • Izzy Guru

    Not yet, its only been out a short while. I have heard that the recorder works with Resolume Arena 4 which is good news so hopefully it will work is Isadora too.

  • Hello, would it be possible to be a beta tester on the Custom Actor, Mark? This is kind of crucial in my current setup and need to capture video through the ultrastudio 3d.
    Please let me know (or anyone)..