[SOLVED] Windows USB Key Installers Adds Isadora to Startup Folder

  • before send a official bug report I wont ask to others win users if they found this kinde of "bug" I got a usb version of Isadora

    In booth my pc (look at signature) when I've installed 2.2 and after 2.2.1 isadora put herself into self execution folder so when I start pc a window pop up in is not a big issue...just you have to delete the folder...but is a bit strange.
    Some one else had noticed this bug?

  • Dear @Maximortal,

    Do you mean the "startup folder"? In other words, Isadora starts up when you restart the computer? Or do you mean something else?

  • I mean that a folder called Isadora appears into automatic execution folder. This mean that when i start win the folder just pop up...isadora is not running just the window pop up...soon as possibile I post a screenshot.

  • @Mark this is the's happen every remove it you just have to delete this folder from automatic execution I said not a big issue...but strange.

    IMHO the problem is that the installer create a link not only in desktop folder but also in automatic execution folder


  • Tech Staff

    Are you running windows 8 or 10? Your drive is labeled 8.

  • I'm on 10...the label is due to original name...i was on 8 when i bought this pc

  • Tech Staff

    This issue has been fixed for the next build.  

  • Dear All,

    The problem with the installer is solved. You can download Isadora v2.2.2 now.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks a lot


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