• Hello All,

    I opened a 2,000 square foot video-mapped assemblage installation in San Francisco 3 days ago for which I employed 3 live feeds.  I used one live security camera (corresponding to public surveillance) via blackmagic, a kinect via processing (corresponding to VR), and a plug and play usb webcam (corresponding to private/auto-surveillance).  
    For my next show I'd like to go further with the public surveillance theme and engage a suite of security cameras.  Has anybody out there had a good working experience with any off the shelf 4 camera surveillance packages out there?  If so, which make/model?  
    It seems most network wirelessly with a central hubs, from which there is an hdmi out to monitor, which I would imagine could get pulled into Isadora through a BK UltraStudio Mini, right?  
    Thanks in advance for any/all advice.  

  • if the quality of the image is not of the greatest concern, you could use the mulitviewer feed as an input thus allowing for a multitude of cameras to be fed into isadora through a single feed.

    I did so using the ATEM multiviewer so the cropped feeds were rather low rez, - preview, and program looked good.  I'd imagine with a multiplexer you can get 8 feeds in better than SD quality if your multiviewer is 1080\. The problem may be with the refresh rate of each camera in the multiplexed image. I can't recommend any system but just a thought in that direction.