Matrox MC-100 experience?

  • Does anyone have experience with using the Matrox MC-100 for dual video input in Isadora? I am still investigating inputting two video sources and am looking at this product. Any feedback and/or other recommendations is appreciated.

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    From the text it seems it can only switch between one feed or the other.

    It can combine the two feeds for 3D feeds (3G)

    _Switch between two HD-SDI signals


    Toggle between two SDI inputs at the touch of a button, glitch-free as per SMPTE RP-168. MC-100 is also a loss-of-signal switcher. You can configure the device to automatically switch to the second valid input if the first one is lost or becomes invalid. As an added benefit, the LEDs on MC-100 illuminate green or red depending on signal validity.

  • Ahh... I missed that detail. Thanks. I know there were more discussion threads on the old forum, but what hardware seems to be the most "tried and true". I do have a Mac with Thunderbolt input. Thanks again.

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    If you've got a mac with thunderbolt then there will be a dual input device, probably by blackmagic, that will be able to do what you want.

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    By the way the above comment wasnt supposed to be massive text! Looks like im shouting... I just didn't format the text as I copied it from the website.

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    If you paste text with cmd+alt+shift+v instead of cmd+v the original formating will be dismissed, it will paste as plane text.


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    @michel - see this is why you are pro! ;-)

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