Mac and Yosemite - performance settings

  • Hello,

    I recently acquired a 15" MBP with the AMD video, specifically for a live performance with 4-5 projectors connected via HDMI and Matrox triplehead2go DP. So far so good, but what is really concerning me now is all the crap that Yosemite has running by default. In running tests with 4 videos running, I'm sure that there are some processes going that interfere with running a show on Isadora. 
    So far I've had little luck finding a definitive list (and how-tos) on shutting down all but the necessary processes for running Isadora with video and leave the machine in a truly "pro" state, ready to run a show. For example, I can't figure out how to totally disable the notification center in Yosemite (managed to do it pretty easily in Mavericks).
    It would be great if we could put together a list for Yosemite and other mac OS versions showing just what processes can be killed (via Terminal, if necessary) to avoid any automatic checks or processor hogging. Anyone interested in helping get something like this going?
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    This is the must have tool to get show ready, its free.

    Best Michel