What best video codec to show video with embedded Alpha Channels?

  • Does Isadora support MOV(or alternative) video with embedded Alpha Channel?

    I trying to export my videos to mov(Grass Valley codec) which support embedded Alpha, but It couldn't be opened with Isadora.
    Of course, I can export Video & Alpha separatelly, but in this case somehow I need to synchronize it. So, main question is does Isarora support embedded Alpha(and, of course,  what best video codec to do this)
    I can't find answer here on this question. Could anyone tell me how to use video with embedded Alpha?

  • You can use proress 4444 it is the only flavour of OSX native accelerated video codec that supports alpha. You can also use HAP alpha, I have not used any alpha function in a while but Izzy should support it. There is also a legacy animation codec that supports alpha but it is big and not optimised for avfoundation.

  • Hello,

    Personally, i use Prores 4444, working good, heavy for disk but not for graphic card. HAP alpha the contrary and animation bad for disk and GPU.
    Synchronise separate RGB and alpha, not a good idea…

  • I have preferred PNG+(with alpha) for years. Now ProRes4444 is the best.

    Actually HAP works rather well on my system. If I remember right DXV alpha is working outside Resolume too(not 100% sure though).
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    Yes dxv works. Although it's as large as hap and runs more like photojpeg outside Resolume. HAP alpha is far superior in Isadora.

  • Thanks for your Answers
    I've tried to export to  ProRes & HAP. 
    I use Edius to render video-clip with alpha. Unfortunately, i can't found nor Prores, or HAP format to export. 
    On Edius forum i've found this: "The Windows version of QuickTime does not support encoding to ProRes, it only supports decoding."
    I made export window screenshot. I can use only PC-based Applications. What you recommend? 


  • PS. For QuickTime format I've found DVX 3 & DVX codecs with Alpha support, but seems Isadora doesnt use Alpha channel. Video shows as normal - transparent areas shows as black. :( (I also attach QuickTime videocodec windows screenshot) 3ccf53-dvx.png 74fce5-dvx3.png

  • prores is difficult on windows but it's doable, there is some non very official software doing it.

    Normally you can install HAP codec on windows
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    You need to install the Hap codecs. Dvx should work. Ensure you have the projector set to 'transparent'

  • Thanks [DusX](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/149/DusX) .

    I've tried everything both with DVX and DVX 3. It seems that something wrong with export to DVX in Edius. Despite of using Alpha in export settings, even Edius itself can't read exported video with Alpha channel(video plays, but Alpha don't). So, most likely, that problem with Edius export, rather then Isadora. Or something i did wrong.

    Thanks [jhoepffner](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/15/jhoepffner) for link! I will try to use it.

  • I'm in windows and always use HAP with isadora. When used in Isadora the codec is GPU bound and in my experience it's the fastest.

     DXV is only sped up by the GPU when used with Resolume or D3\. I always use DXV in Resolume and that's the fastest for that application.

  • I have had a great experience using HapQ, with smooth interactive playback of 6 full HD streams off one mid-spec Windows 10 machine. I would assume HapAlpha would perform as well.

    SSD's are mandatory when using HAP, I actually use 3 SSD's in RAID0 to be sure of pushing almost 2Gb/s for the 6 streams. 

  • Good day again!

    One quastion for theme of embeded Alpha: Why Isadora dosn't support GrassValley MOV codec to play videos with embedded Alpha?
    It seems, that GrassValley is one actual video format with embedded Alpha,  which i could use.

    Nor PNG, nither DVX doesnt output Alpha in my Edit program(Edius). I don't know why, but even Edius itself, doesn't read Alpha from these files. Only GrassValley codec works well.

  • Try to convert GrassValley coded movie to some other with Quicktime or similar(win?).

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    HAP alpha is my go to.