Some interesting Hardware ideas (Globalcache)

  • Hi, I found these interesting hardware boxes that sit on the network as a stand alone box. I'm not sure how to integrate them with Izzy yet. They do have downloadable API's.

  • They’re good if you’ve got the budget for them - usually use the http / tcp send actors to send the command to the iTach... they’re all the iTach WiFi/IP to serial hardware essentially. The IR one has an IR transceiver wired internally to the serial output. The contact closure one has a GPIO hi/low driver board wired internally to the serial output.

    The less-budget alternative: do the same but using RaspberryPi instead of iTach devices. Wifi to serial and Wifi to contact closure can be done with no additional raspy hardware (beyond a Wifi dongle if talking less than RaspPi3). Wifi to IR just requires a Pimote IR hat or IR transceiver USB stick, and Wifi / IP to RF/Lightwave/Zigbee etc can be done similarly with an RFXTRX433e or enOcean USB or Tellstick Duo etc. This tends to cover the whole range of iTach devices in one for less cash... use Domoticz (for instance - they provide a drop-on-and-go SD card image) to provide a http api to the raspberrypi that you can trigger from Isadora via http actors.

  • or use an esp8266 can be got even cheaper from less reputable suppliers